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About Me

I'm Kirsten van der Zee, a girl from The Netherlands. I live with my dog; Dobby. As a creative person I am quite chaotic and messy and I like to turn my life upside down. I get inspiration from music, daydreaming, nature, wildlife and travel. I love the genre fantasy and know all the Harry Potter films and books by heart. Eating croissants and drinking cappuccinos is my thing. I'm also impulsive and a bit fickle, but that's positive for my creative expressions. I like to experiment and try-out new things, also business wise. I am an all-round, hardworking and a creative entrepreneur.


[Help business to think more outside the box] [Do more what I love, nature photography or more creative projects with animals as subjects] [Traveling the world with Dobby] [Start creative projects which would help charities] More suggestions for my goals? Please let me know 😀

COMING SOON My own Projects


Dobby on Adventure


[PRO] Adobe -Photoshop, -Indesign, -Illustrator, -Lightroom, Figma. [ADV] Adobe -Premiere Pro, -After Effects, Socials Organic, Keynote/Powerpoint. [CURRENTLY LEARNING] Adobe Character Animator. >> Graphic Design >> Photography >> Video >> Animation >> Print Design >> Webdesign >> Content Creation >> Packaging Design >> Magazine Design.

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